Cloud service provider FIT2CLOUD completes round C and C + round financings

Cloud service provider FIT2CLOUD completes round C and C + round financings

On April 16, FIT2CLOUD, a provider of cloud management platform software and services, announced that it had completed round C and round C + financing.

Among them, the round C financing is led by Delian Capital, followed by Puhua Capital and Redpoint China Ventures, which is a lead investor in round B financing, while the round C + financing is invested exclusively by Vision Knight Capital.

FIT2CLOUD was founded in 2014 with the mission of “Fit to Cloud” to help enterprises make better use of cloud and continuously accelerate business innovation , to achieve digital transformation.

At present, FIT2CLOUD has three major product lines: FIT2CLOUD multi-cloud management platform, JumpServer, and KubeOperator container platform, with more than 200 enterprise users.

FIT2CLOUD has continuously been enlisted in China Cloud Management Software Market Tracking Report of the world-famous research institution IDC since May 2019, and it is the only neutral multi-cloud management manufacturer that has been independently counted in this report.

At present, FIT2CLOUD products have extensive installation bases in finance, manufacturing, energy, transportation, telecommunications, media, real estate, Internet and other industries, and continue to deliver business value to industry users in the aspects of enterprise IT cloud transformation, operation and maintenance security, cloud native application landing, and so on.

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