Jilin Province to start an era of medical insurance facial-recognition payment

On July 24, the Healthcare Security Administration of Jilin Province signed contracts with twelve banks for the cooperation framework agreement concerning medical insurance electronic certificates and medical insurance mobile payment.

The agreement aims to comprehensively promote the activation and use of the medical insurance electronic certificates, to deepen the cooperation in the businesses of medical mobile payment, joint promotion, and display code activation, as well as to explore more use of biometrics in the medical insurance system and start a new era of facial-recognition payment in the system.

According to the director of the Planning and Finance Division of the Healthcare Security Administration of Jilin Province, Lin Jiru, the bureau cooperated with various banks on mobile payment business to build a medical insurance payment platform, aiming to provide more convenience for the citizens when seeing a doctor and purchasing medicines.

“It is expected that medical insurance participants in Jilin will be able to use mobile payment when seeing a doctor as well as paying by their medical insurance outside Jilin.”

Disclaimer: This is an article created by Michael Liang for Chinasdg.org. You can find the original article here: https://chinasdg.org/2020/08/03/jilin-province-to-start-an-era-of-medical-insurance-facial-recognition-payment/.

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