Edutech company Xueqi Financial receives millions of angel round financing

Edutech company Xueqi Financial receives millions of angel round financing

Xueqi Financial recently announced the completion of a multi-million angel round of financing, led by fintech company Beijing Lingyue Information Technology, or Fintopia.

This round of financing will be used for boosting traffic from corporate users, data procurement, research and development, and talent recruitment.

Xueqi Financial was established in January 2019. It is a technology company focusing on financial products and solutions in the education industry. It is committed to using big data, AI, cloud computing and other technologies to improve the efficiency of the education industry and serve upstream and downstream organizations in the education industry.

Xueqi Financial is positioned as a financial digital platform for the education industry.

In 2019, Xueqi Financial has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Chanming Technology or, a digital education service provider with more than 70,000 contracted educational institutions, and launched three products, namely Xuefenqi, Xiaoyidai, and Xuexindai.

In 2020, Xueqi Financial are developing rapidly. Up to now, it has cooperated to serve more than 4,000 school institutions and more than 100,000 users, and the transaction size is about 200 million yuan.

On the bank side, Xueqi Financial has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with financial institutions such as Minsheng Bank, Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, Bank of Shizuishan, PSBC Consumer Finance, Hanhua Financial Holding, Chengtay Financial Leasing, and Chanming Technology.

In 2021, Xueqi Financial will continue to improve the scoring system for businesses and the pool of institution profiles, forming an internet-based industry ecosystem for schools, institutions, suppliers, and users.

At the same time, Xueqi Financial will also accelerate the increase in the scale of institutions and users, form a supply chain finance model that connects upstream and downstream suppliers in the education industry, and gradually improve the digital transformation capabilities of education finance.

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