introduces state-owned strategic investment

The 2020 performance disclosed on February 26 shows that in 2020, achieved sales of 416.315 billion yuan, and online sales accounted for nearly 70%. announced the introduction of state-owned strategic investment on the evening of February 28. On the heels of the funding, Shenzhen International Holdings will hold 8% of’s shares, and Shenzhen Kunpeng Equity Investment Management (Kunpeng Capital) will hold 15% of the companies shares.

Analysts said that actively introduced state-owned strategic investment this time and optimized the company’s equity structure and governance structure, which will help the company further improve its modern corporate organisation and decision-making mechanism.

In fact, under both domestic and international “dual cycles”, Suning, which is the first to explore the integration of online and offline development, has become a leader in the fully integrated retail in the industry.

The 2020 performance disclosed on February 26 shows that in 2020, achieved sales of 416.315 billion yuan, and online sales accounted for nearly 70%.

The participation of Shenzhen International also means that Suning and Shenzhen International will have a comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of logistics.

Shenzhen International is a Hong Kong-listed company. Its logistics and warehousing business has covered leading national economic regions and cities with important logistics nodes/stations, and it has a leading advantage in Shenzhen and even southern China. With the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim as its main strategic regions, it focuses on the investment, construction and operation of logistics infrastructure such as integrated urban logistics ports and toll roads through investment, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and integration.

The introduction of Kunpeng Capital will help and Shenzhen enterprises to deepen the collaboration and further develop the South China market.

Kunpeng Capital is an enterprise with equity investment management as its main business. It is a state-owned wholly-owned private equity investment fund manager in Shenzhen. It serves the reform and industrial transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen. It brings together the funds and resources of the best state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen.

After the completion of the transaction, the original controlling shareholder and actual controller of the listed company, Mr. Zhang Jindong, and his concerted person, Suning Holding Group, hold 16.38% of the shares, Suning Appliance Group holds 5.45%, and Kunpeng Capital holds shares of 15%, Shenzhen International holds 8%.

At the same time, also stated that it will set up its South China regional headquarters in Shenzhen to comprehensively enhance the company’s operating capabilities and corporate brand awareness in the region, especially in the Greater Bay Area, and effectively increase market share.

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