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  • Suning

    罗永浩苏宁易购专场直播90分钟,支付金额突破1.2亿8月7日晚20点,“抖音一哥”罗永浩与苏宁易购(首场电商专场直播正式开启。截至21点30分,支付金额突破1.2亿元(1700万美元),破首场记录。在苏宁易购(期间(8.18 Shopping Carnival ),苏宁易购抖音电商联手,罗永浩强势抢跑抖音奇妙好物节。 nets 120 mln in 90-min selling with top livestreamer Luo Yonghao Suning Tesco’s special live broadcast for 90 minutes, the payment amount exceeded 120 millionAt 20 o’clock in the evening on August 7, the first e-commerce live broadcast of Luo Yonghao and officially opened.As of 21:30, the payment amount exceeded 120 million yuan ($17 million), breaking the first record.During’s 818 period (8.18 Shopping Carnival), Suning’s Tik Tok e-commerce team joined forces, and Luo Yonghao strongly ran the Tik Tok Wonderful Goods Festival.

  • Liaoning to withdraw coal production capacity of 1.14 million tons in 2020

    辽宁省2020年计划退出煤炭产能114万吨 辽宁省发改委日前发布公告称,2020年,全省计划关闭退出辽宁南票煤电有限公司大窑沟矿和小凌河矿,合计退出产能114万吨/年。 辽宁南票煤电有限公司大窑沟矿和小凌河矿,核定生产能力分别为54万吨/年、60万吨/年。 辽宁的煤矿安全监察局曾于4月26日发布通知,注销辽宁南票煤电有限公司大窑沟矿小凌河矿安全生产许可证。 国家安监局发布的辽宁省煤矿生产能力公告显示,截止2019年12月31日,辽宁省共有生产煤矿20处,合计产能3465万吨/年。 Liaoning Province plans to withdraw coal production capacity of 1.14 million tons in 2020 The Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently announced that in 2020, the province plans to close and exit the Dayaogou mine and the Xiaolinghe mine of Liaoning Nanpiao Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd., with a total withdrawal of 1.14 million tons per year. The Dayaogou Mine and Xiaolinghe Mine of Liaoning Nanpiao Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. have approved production capacities of 540,000 tons/year and 600,000 tons/year respectively. The Liaoning…

  • Differences towards Data Privacy between the EU and US Legal System

    The case of C-362/14 Schrems (case Schrems) was a landmark case in the development of data protection laws and motivated both the EU and the US to seek a new mechanism for guaranteeing safe data transfers between each other. This article will compare distinctions of data privacy between the EU and US legal system (the EU-US system). Firstly, dfferent starting points is a key factor between the EU-US systems. Privacy is a fundamental right which was adopted by the Charter of Human Rights in the EU over other interests.[1] In…